Rusty’s 14th Month Ampuversary!







March 23, 2011

Friday the 25th marks the 14th month of Rusty’s amputation; it is hard to believe that it has been over a year since his battle with cancer began.  This update is a little more difficult for me to write as Rusty seems to be entering a new phase in his battle with cancer.

When we saw Dr. Macy in early January, things were going so well that he put Rusty on a three month follow-up schedule.  The only problem that Rusty had at that time was some elevated liver enzymes, which were attributed to the medications that Rusty had pilfered from a friend’s purse at Christmas.  Rusty enjoyed not having chemo treatments for the months of January and February we were glad that he was not suffering from nausea or diarrhea and his appetite returned to pre chemo days.  He enjoyed his walks & rides, but he seemed to tire more quickly than normal.

In early March Rusty began having bouts of vomiting and retching, his first episode appeared to have blood in the vomit, so we rushed him to our regular vet’ office.  (Dr. Macy lives in Colorado and comes to the desert twice a month)  It was 6PM on Friday evening and his regular vet was not in and he was seen by the only vet in the office, who seemed to be in a hurry to go home.  He looked at the vomit that we had brought in and said that it was something that he had eaten and gave Rusty a shot and put him on a bland diet for ten days.  Rusty continued to have occasional boughts of vomiting and when Dr. Macy was in town last week we took Rusty in to see him.

Dr. Macy did blood work on him, which the other vet did not do, and Rusty’s liver enzymes were off the chart; his initial diagnosis was most likely Pancreatitis.  Dr. Macy sent a vial of blood to a lab that specializes in Pancreatitis diagnosis and the results came back yesterday that it is not Pancreatitis, but inconclusive as to what is causing the elevated liver enzymes.  We are to keep him on the medications and strict low-fat diet that Dr. Macy prescribed until he is back in town on April 7th.  Dr. Macy is not ruling out the return of cancer, but he is hoping it is a result of something else.  If there are no changes in the liver functions at that time, Dr. Macy will probably have us take Rusty to San Diego for diagnostic scans.

Obviously we are very concerned; we know that our time with Rusty is limited but he has been doing so well the past several months that we were hoping that his time with us would be closer to the three years of his original prognosis rather than the one year.

One of his medications can cause nausea and last night at 3AM I heard him making noises from the nausea; he got out of his bed and came over and licked my arm.  I massaged his tummy for 10 or 15 minutes and he seemed to relax and went back to bed.

I will update again after our next appointment with Dr. Macy on the 7th.

Author: ceholli

Retired – Rusty is our first dog because of my allergies, he is a Labradoodle and I have not had any allergy problems with him.

2 thoughts on “Rusty’s 14th Month Ampuversary!”

  1. rusty – first, congrats on 14 months, you ROCK!! second – stop scaring us with the vomit and such. you need to stop snitching pills and need to listen to your folks and focus on getting better. we definitely recommend you up your regiment of medicinal naps!!!

    gayle & charon

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